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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Yes, it's still 2011...

In 2006 Conway Stewart launched the Elegance series consisting of several limited editions, each created with unique designs. The Deco Diamond was the first of this new series, followed by the Westminster Green, Westminster Teal, Elizabeth Garret Anderson, the Elements Series, Oliver Cromwell, Plumage Grey, Mandarin Yellow Plumage and the Aztec. Each design of the Elegance series is handcrafted at the Conway Stewart factory in Devon, England, from rods of solid sterling silver, carefully engraved with intricate patterns and accented with a hand-applied enamel by award winning craftsman Robert Glover. Conway Stewart very recently launched the Elegance Pen of the Year 2011, a special design that was limited to just 25 pieces in a choice of fountain pen or rollerball. The seasonal design features a laurel motif on the cap band while the gently flowing engraved enamel panels in red are highlighted with a band of evergreen-colored engraved inserts on the cap and the barrel. Here's a look, but, alas, it's sold out.

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