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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Touching Is Believing

I am a toucher. It probably goes back to some fortunate—or unfortunate—experience in my youth (doesn’t it always?), the end result of which is that my sense of touch is as acute as my hearing or sight in relaying information to me about my world. I don’t buy a car based only on performance or gas mileage or looks…I also have to enjoy how the steering wheel slides under my fingers, how the clutch performs to the demands of my sole and how the door reverberates in my hand when I close it. I feel the same way about people, though I gave up randomly touching strangers on the street when I moved to a planned community in 1989. But a good handshake, a squeeze of the shoulder or a chaste hug can tell me more about a person than direct eye contact, a British accent, or a shifty slouch ever could. So when I saw a picture of the new Vox Luxury stationery box (the Writer), I thought, “Hm, nice stationery box.” Then I got one. The rosewood veneer exterior is smooth and flawlessly finished, and the interior is a whole city of compartments for everything from stamps to stationery to pens (a letter opener is included) accented by brass-plated hinges and screws. Each compartment is covered in a soft neutral suede-like textile, and ecru laid stationery (also included) rests in its own little upholstered apartment. A tasseled brass key that locks the whole thing up serves—at least in my case—as yet another tactile accoutrement on my happy road to discernment.


  1. Looks impressive and ... big:) Is it? I am also a toucher, so I little envy you (in a good way) this box.

  2. This a very lovely stationery box. And I love that it comes with stationery. However, I think I'd like to personalize the stationery to really make it my own "writer". The rosewood makes it very elegant. Now, I want to touch it....

  3. I don't know about that box. When the container is more valuable than what it contains there is a shift in preference. Give me some Italian textured paper in a shoe box! it would provide me more pleasure than some dull paper in rosewood!