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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Learn from the Master

The long-awaited American Cursive Handwriting by master penman Michael Sull with the assistance of Debra Sull is now available. This monumental 350-page work includes the historical background on American Cursive handwriting, a lesson plan, exercise sheets, the "ten most important rules of handwriting," sources of supplies and so much more. As America's foremost living Spencerian penman, author and publisher of numerous educational materials in vintage American handwriting, Sull is recognized internationally as a leader in handwriting instruction. Cover price is $35.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sheaffer's Friends of Winter

The new Sheaffer 100 Special Edition 3 Friends of Winter Collection offers nature-inspired designs—specifically Bamboo, Pine and Plum—since these plants thrive during the winter months and symbolize fortitude while inspiring people to persevere and flourish under adversity. Each finish is available in a gloss-black fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint with nickel-plate trim, each priced under $50.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Twist from Porsche Design

The P'3140 Shake Pen Twist is a new variation on Porsche Design's popular Shake pen. The new ballpoint features a milled solid aluminum barrel with matte chrome front and end pieces. A small indentation at the end of the ballpoint prevents the pen from rolling on a sloping surface. Why is it called "Shake?" Well, I'll tell you. By moving your wrist with a brief snapping motion, the writing point is catapulted out of the barrel by a small weight in the end piece--and the pen is ready for writing. If you repeat the movement, the cartridge point disappears back into the housing. Shake Pen Twist sells for under $200.

Friday, October 21, 2011

William Henry commemorates wine...

In 1975, the Eyrie Vineyards in Oregon's Willamette Valley produced the first American pinot noir to compete successfully in France with the renowned pinot noirs of Burgundy. William Henry is repurposing the 35-year-old-wood from the original and historic grapevine in a beautiful new limited edition writing instrument. The RB8-Eyrie rollerball pen features vine wood, ebonite and titanium, with hand-forged mokume gane and Damascus steel accents. The pen features the revolutionary spring-loaded Wavelock closure, and the clip is set with a red topaz evoking the color of the wine. Just 100 pieces have been created, available at authorized William Henry dealers or online.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You know the Pilot pen company, and you know it makes great pens. Newest is the Pilot Prera Demonstrator Fountain pen with a crystal clear barrel and a touch of color at the top and bottom. The pen has a steel nib available in fine or medium sizes, and it uses a cartridge or convertor. The pen retails for about $70--not bad for a really eye-catching pen from a proven brand. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

MoonFighter from Romaine Jerome--the sky's the limit!

Romain Jerome has created the MoonFighter pen: a writing instrument that is part Back to the Future and part Space Invaders--with a splash of whimsy thrown in. The pen is entirely made in Switzerland, although it looks as if it has just emerged from a NASA lab or from the desk of Major Boothroyd, the iconoclastic inventor of the James Bond accessories. This tribute to "third millennium design" features moon dust encapsulated in the cockpit bubble and a carbon-finished docking station. MoonFighter is available in three versions, Heavy Metal, Black Metal and Vintage, and each is adorned with 48 hand-applied rivets. The pen comes with a leather pouch for transport in pocket or purse. Available as a fountain pen with titanium nib or a rollerball, this pen will surely take you away.... 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Porsche Slim Line Graphite

Following the success of the original P'3125 Slim Line series of writing instruments, Porsche decided to create the series in graphite. It comprises fountain pen, ballpoint and mechanical pencil, all made from high-quality stainless steel. The individual components are sandblasted, then finished with a scratch-resistant, graphite-colored PVD coating. FInely, milled grooves along the cap and barrel are added.The Slim Line Graphite fountain pen has a rhodium-plated 18-karat gold nib, and the grip section is finished with a special soft-touch varnish. Both the ballpoint and the mechanical pencil are equipped with a special feature: when the twist mechanism is activated, the lead is pushed forward and the clip is lowered in the barrel. All writing instruments in the Slim Line series come in a high-quality Porsche Design case.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Parker Ingenuity

Parker aims to gain a new generation’s interest in fine writing by creating a one-of-a kind pen that is as beautiful to use as it is to look at. A new innovation consists of a cutting-edge refill tip and an engraved metallic hood designed to combine consumers’ favorite features of each of the four current writing modes—the classic beauty of the fountain pen, the smoothness and precision of the rollerball, the ease and longevity of the ballpoint pen and the smudge-free, fluid experience of the porous point. Parker has thus come up with the "5th Technology," creating the Parker Ingenuity Collection in the process. The collection features a smart glide tip that adjusts to your personal writing style after just a few words; ink designed to produce a vivid, clear script and prevent hand-smudging; a simple, clean refill process with a refill tip designed to maximize cap-off time and eliminate ink leaks induced by pressure, impact and temperature.
The collection comprises two categories, Classic and Premium, both available in two sizes and six different finishes for a total of twelve options to suit any personal style. The Premium collection draws from the latest trends in the watch, jewelry and cosmetic industries, while the Classic collection is classically elegent. The Standard Classic ($160) features black lacquer with either gold or chrome trim, the Standard Premium ($190-pictured) features pink gold PVD, pearl lacquer with PVD trim, black rubber with pink gold PVD trim and brown rubber with pink gold PVD trim. The Large Classic ($160) feature black lacquer with either gold or chrome trim. The Large Premium ($190) features black metal and rubber, brown metal and rubber, black rubber, and chrome PVD, each with chrome trim.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sheaffer in Times Square!

Sheaffer Pen is highly visible to New Yorkers and visitors in Times Square who are shopping for that perfect “Gift That Matters” during this holiday season. Sheaffer’s newest ads will be shown on the “Geoffrey-Tron” screen, located above the Toys 'R Us store in the heart of Times Square from October 1, 2011 through January 1, 2012. The campaign will run two times each hour, appearing more than 4,300 times throughout the holidays and creating millions of impressions with passersby.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco (cont.)

Celebrating 1929, the year when Grace Patricia Kelly was born in Philadelphia, this edition from Montblanc is limited to just 29 pieces. A fitting tribute to a Princess, the fountain pen is richly decorated with precious stones and the finest detailing. Princess Grace's monogram is engraved on the cap and barrel, which is varnished with a rose colored lacquer. The solid gold fittings in an elegant champagne tone are decorated with white diamonds (~0.55 ct.), and the clip of the fountain pen is set with a drop-cut pink sapphire (~0.45 ct.), another reference to the Grace de Monaco pink rose. The 18-karat gold nib displays a heart-shape breather hole. The pen is priced at $37,300.