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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There is a Black Swan hiding in every bottle of Australian Roses…

This ink exhibits a rose halo on certain papers on both sides of the line and exhibits darker shading on the edges of lines where the tine of the nib touches the page or a side of an italic nib lays a firmer line.  This new ink from Noodler's is made up of dyes with multiple properties in order to generate the various shading and different tones under various light sources (it will look different in daylight versus fluorescent lighting, for example), and it is about 16 percent "bulletproof." It may be used in just about every pen, including the Noodler’s piston-filled ink ball pens. It has a neutral pH of about 7. With certain pens this ink will appear to be a very conservative dark burgundy plum, but it will appear as a light cherry tone with drier-writing pens. A paper towel test will always show the black swan hiding in the roses. It retails for $12.50.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Times for Sheaffer

Sheaffer has recently begun an advertising campaign on the “Geoffrey-Tron” screen, located above the Toys R’ Us store in New York's Times Square.

     “The ads remind consumers that the Sheaffer brand is ‘The Gift that Matters,’ this holiday season,” said Gretchen Dickenson, Brand Manager, Sheaffer PenThis campaign began November 5, 2010 and will run through January 1, 2011. The images are visible four times each hour, appearing about 5,400 times throughout the holidays, and will achieve approximately 85 million impressions for the brand.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Banned in Manchester?

According to the UK's Times of India, fountain pens were recently banned in the Hillcrest Grammar and Preparatory School near Manchester, England. Why? Ballpoint markings are easier to pick up on computer-scanned exam papers.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last day to order Conway Stewart Belliver

The Conway Stewart Belliver Special Edition in Pistachio or White Whirl is a limited edition of just 50 pieces each, and today is the last day to order on a first come, first served basis. These colors will not be repeated on this model hereafter, nor will they be available as a bespoke pen. Writing modes available: fountain pen ($430) or rollerball ($395). The fountain pen has an 18 karat nib in sizes F, M, B, IF, IM and IB and is filled by cartridge or converter.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Taccia's Overture

Taccia has just introduced its new Overture twist-action ballpoint pen. It comes in a variety of great colors, including Chocolate Mist, Ivory Frost, Sedona Red, Bluestone Marble and Evergreen Marble. The chocolate and ivory versions have rose-gold plated trim, while the rest have chrome trim. Each pen is fit with Schmidt's Easy Flow refill which gives the smooth feel and flow of a rollerball pen. Priced at under $100, this pen is a treat. I think a steel-nibbed fountain pen is coming soon.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Celebrating 5,000 years of Chinese Calligraphy

Fourth in Loiminchay's series of pens that pay homage to calligraphy, the Kaishu features the work of two famous and most influential calligraphers from the Tang Dynasty: Liu Gong-quan and Yen Chenching. Just 18 sets of two pens each will be produced; each set is priced at $30,000.