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Friday, January 28, 2011

Preview from ACME...

Coming soon from ACME, is the new limited edition The Beatles Collection. Shown here is concept art for a pen, subject to change. Great fun for collecting or using--eight days a week. It looks like there will be nine limited edition pens (1,962 to 1,970 pens each), 13 limited edition pens and card cases (1,000 pieces each), a limited set of four pens (1,000 sets), and a convertible rollerball/fountain pen (1,000 pieces). Each version comes in special "Beatles" packaging.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mayor Michael Nutter at the PA Pen Show

Mayor Michael Nutter stopped by the Philadelphia Pen Show last weekend. He was presented a Declaration of Independence LE pen by Dante Del Vecchio of Visconti, and he said a few words on behalf of the community. Great orator and a lovely man. I presented him with a copy of the 2011 Stylus Annual and an issue of IW (International Watch) magazine in which Stylus is now a part. Thrilling.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fahrney’s Pens is announcing the unveiling of the Visconti “Declaration of Independence” Limited Edition writing instruments at its Washington, DC retail store. This tribute to our great nation will be launched with a re-enactment of Thomas Jefferson reading the Declaration. Other special guests will include the creator of this magnificent pen and founder of Visconti, Mr. Dante Del Vecchio of Florence, Italy. The event will take place on Thursday, January 27th at Fahrney’s downtown DC store located at 1317 F Street, NW.
As part of the event, Fahrney’s will hold a silent auction to bid on the first pen (“No.1”) of the limited edition series, with proceeds being donated directly to the Foundation for the National Archives. Drafted by Thomas Jefferson and signed by 56 members of the Congress in pen and ink, the original Declaration of Independence is on permanent display at the National Archives in Washington, DC. It is fitting that Visconti would commemorate the historic event that declared the birth of America with this amazing limited edition. And what better way to recognize the nation's record keepers – the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) – than to hold this silent auction on its behalf.
In addition to the pen, the highest bidder will receive a Scholar Level Membership to the Foundation for the National Archives which includes invitations to members-only events and activities, special receptions and exhibition openings, as well as private dinners with members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for the National Archives and the National Archives leadership. This membership is valued at $2,500!
Visconti uses a sophisticated scrimshaw technique to replicate the full text of the Declaration of Independence onto the pen’s ivory-colored resin body. The writing is just large enough to be legible to the naked eye – a specially engraved viewing glass is included to magnify the intricate details. A reproduction of the painting, “Declaration of Independence” by the American artist John Trumbull, is inscribed on the barrel; a sculpted metal Liberty Bell activates the fountain pen’s plunger-filling mechanism. The pen and magnifying glass are presented in a special collector’s box crafted in American walnut with a leather inset embossed with the Declaration’s 56 signatures. 
The Declaration of Independence collection comes in two modes (FP and RB) and two versions: a silver edition (776 pens) and a gold edition (76 pens). Each fountain pen has a 23-karat palladium nib. Prices range from $2,850 to $26,950.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Ink from Monteverde

Monteverde is announcing a new fountain pen ink with peak performance Ink Treatment Formula technology that improves ink-flow quality, extends cap-off time, improves drying time and automatically cleans and lubricates ink feeding systems. It is available in ten colors, each bottle priced at $12.50.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shaw Pens at the Philadelphia Pen Show

Shaw Pens is presenting its Art Deco series of pens at the upcoming Philadelphia Pen Show. The caps and barrels are made from volcanic ash, and the trim is black titanium with gold accents. A single Swarovski crystal accents the trim. The collection is available as a ballpoint ($290) or a fountain pen with either an 18-karat gold ($530) or steel ($380) nib. Shaw Pens has been introducing some really interesting pens of late, and I believe they are raffling two pens at the PA show this weekend.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jorg Gray makes pens for women...

Watch brand Jorg Gray has recently introduced a collection of twist-action ballpoint pens for women. Among them, one has a black lacquer barrel, with a Swarovski crystal atop the crown. Available on a chrome-plated chain, the pen--which is about four inches long--is priced at $95. The second, also in black lacquer with a Swarovski crystal embellishing the cap, is about five inches in length; it is also priced at $95. The third pen shown is priced at $245. It is rhodium plated and Swarovski crystal encrusted. At four inches in length, it's perfect for a little bling in one's pocket or purse. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poll Results

The poll results to my question, "Are you sending handwritten holiday cards this year?" provided some interesting insights. At least to me. Forty-eight percent of the respondents answered, "Yes, as usual." Twenty-eight percent said, "Yes, but fewer than last year." Eight percent said, "No, I've decided not to," and 16% said "No, I never have." The best part? Not one respondent answered positively to, "I'm sending e-cards." In light of time constraints and the economy, I think this bodes well. On another note, I received more business e-cards than ever before, but I also received a ton of handwritten greetings. I must admit that though I appreciate them all, I have a special love for the handwritten greetings, and I save them from year to year. Happy new year, all, and keep writing!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Second in the Series...

Stephen Hull’s Fountain pens for the Million/The History of Conway Stewart: 1905-2005 is a full-color hardbound book that is the second in a series covering some of the most important English pen manufacturers and their products. It comprises over 250 pages and 140 sections, with ten chronological chapters about Conway Stewart. An elegantly designed book with more than 700 full-color images of pens, pencils, ink pencils, advertisements and more, it is also a detailed reference book offering a detailed 30-page appendix. For more information in the US, contact Pendemonium ( or the Fountain Pen Hospital ( or author Stephen Hull (