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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Conklin Glider Chase Design Collection

The latest addition to the Conklin pen collection is the Glider Chase Design. The process of chasing is used to create a decorative design and texture that is embedded into the surface of the pen’s material. In the 1900s, most pens were made of hard black rubber, and chasing (also known as guilloche) became a popular process to add creative and intricate design to the otherwise common look of a simple black pen. This complicated hand engraving, or chasing, afforded talented artists the opportunity to display their unique abilities. Since the chasing process required excellent skills and was very time consuming, it added value to the pen. Today, most pens are made from resins instead of hard rubber.  However, Conklin is offering a vintage Chase Design on black, coral and ivory resin.The Conklin Mark Twain Crescent pens are available in both a twist-action ballpoint ($125) and a cartridge- or convertor-filled fountain pen ($195) with a fine, medium or broad nib.

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