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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There is a Black Swan hiding in every bottle of Australian Roses…

This ink exhibits a rose halo on certain papers on both sides of the line and exhibits darker shading on the edges of lines where the tine of the nib touches the page or a side of an italic nib lays a firmer line.  This new ink from Noodler's is made up of dyes with multiple properties in order to generate the various shading and different tones under various light sources (it will look different in daylight versus fluorescent lighting, for example), and it is about 16 percent "bulletproof." It may be used in just about every pen, including the Noodler’s piston-filled ink ball pens. It has a neutral pH of about 7. With certain pens this ink will appear to be a very conservative dark burgundy plum, but it will appear as a light cherry tone with drier-writing pens. A paper towel test will always show the black swan hiding in the roses. It retails for $12.50.

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