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Monday, April 11, 2011

David at Dromgoole's

Dromgoole’s of Houston hosted a pen event on Thursday, March 31, to celebrate the introduction of David Oscarson’s latest collection, Lewis and Clark, a tribute to the two explorers, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Lewis and Clark’s signatures are represented in high relief surrounded by a background of gentle river currents underneath. Both collection pieces feature a map of the Louisiana Purchase marking the Lewis and Clark Trail from St. Louis, Missouri, all the way to Fort Clatsop, Oregon. The Meriwether Lewis cap features a telescope clip and a compass rose. The William Clark cap has a feathered clip, and a Peace Medal (given by Lewis and Clark to many of the Indian chiefs along the trail) is engraved on the barrel. The Lewis and Clark collection features guilloche engraving and hard enamel, and it is available in two design variations, each limited to 100 pieces. The fountain pen is priced at $4,900 and the rollerball, $4,700. Meriwether Lewis is in translucent ruby red with gold vermeil, and William Clark is in translucent sapphire blue hard enamel.

The turnout at Dromgoole's was great, with many pen collectors and aficionados in attendance. Dr. David Pustilnik, Dromgoole's own nib adjuster, was there doing a brisk business. And Larry Dromgoole, the quintessential host and owner of the store, made sure that everyone had a great time. I certainly did.

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