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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Colibri launch

From the Colibri Equinox collection
I just got back from a vacation of sorts--visiting my home on the East Coast and enjoying the environs' beautiful beaches. While there, I got a call from my old friend Les Mann, whom I've known for almost 20 years. Our paths have frequently crossed due to our mutual and varied incarnations in the pen business. Time and experience have taught me that Les knows pens, so I was thrilled to learn that he's in charge of the introduction of the new Colibri writing instruments and accessories, including lighters, cigar cutters and cufflinks. I met him at his headquarters in RI, and I got to see the collections "hot off the press." My first impression? The pens and other accouterments are attractive and well packaged, affordable, and varied--with something for the conservative businessperson as well as the more adventurous. Keep an eye on Colibri products...I predict they will find their niche as well-designed and moderately priced accessories and as great gift ideas, too. The new collections will be in your favorite pen, gift, jewelry or smoke shop soon.

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