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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Be Mine

So Valentine's Day is just a month away (what, you say you haven't put away the Christmas decorations yet?), and since it's typically a day about notes and cards and love letters, how can it not also be about pens? Montblanc apparently agrees, since it is promoting its very own "Ink of Love" in gorgeous red, priced at about $20 per 30 ml bottle. To go along with it, Montblanc suggests purchasing a Bespoke Nib for the focus of your affection. According to company literature, Montblanc has developed a computer software program that will analyze handwriting and create the perfect nib for one's unique writing speed, angle, pressure and more. What could be more personal? The $850 for the Bespoke Nib does not include a pen, but it does include a bottle of ink. Dinner, flowers and entertainment are up to you.

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