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Saturday, October 15, 2011

MoonFighter from Romaine Jerome--the sky's the limit!

Romain Jerome has created the MoonFighter pen: a writing instrument that is part Back to the Future and part Space Invaders--with a splash of whimsy thrown in. The pen is entirely made in Switzerland, although it looks as if it has just emerged from a NASA lab or from the desk of Major Boothroyd, the iconoclastic inventor of the James Bond accessories. This tribute to "third millennium design" features moon dust encapsulated in the cockpit bubble and a carbon-finished docking station. MoonFighter is available in three versions, Heavy Metal, Black Metal and Vintage, and each is adorned with 48 hand-applied rivets. The pen comes with a leather pouch for transport in pocket or purse. Available as a fountain pen with titanium nib or a rollerball, this pen will surely take you away.... 

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