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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DC Pen Show

The DC Pen Show, held last weekend, was lots of fun. Many pen manufacturers and distributors were in attendance, including David Oscarson, Yair Greenberg of Yafa, Jerry Yeh of Laban, Joel Blumberg of Kenro Industries, Mark Cole of Visconti, Jin Takemura of Sailor, Mary Burke of Conway Stewart, Scott Franklin of Franklin-Christoph, Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Company and more--including the amazing and ever gracious Joe Cali. Two pen manufacturers from Europe--first time visitors to the show--were there, and I think they had a good experience: Luca Viti of Stipula (now distributed by Yafa) and Carlo and Samuel Naldi of Edelberg. Welcome!
Luca Viti of Stipula
Samuel Naldi of Edelberg

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