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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Montegrappa Cosmopolitan returns...

Montegrappa is reviving one of its popular pens from the 1990s: the Cosmopolitan. Sterling silver with resin accents, with details formed in bas relief, the Cosmopolitan will serve as the medium to communicate the spirit of five different cultures. Each will be offered in an edition of 500 rollerball pens ($2,400), 500 fountain pens ($3,200), and  a special edition of 50 rollerball pens and 50 fountain pens ($20,295-$23,215) in gold. The series comprises:
Arabian Animals of the Desert
From exotic birds of prey to desert-crossing camels to noble horses, the Cosmopolitan captures the fauna, the majesty and the mystery of one of the planet’s most challenging environments: the Arabian deserts.
Mt. Rushmore
In the US state of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore bears the likenesses of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. A challenge, no doubt, to recreate on a pen.
Bohemian Paris
Paris has inspired more artists than any city in the world, becoming a magnet for the greatest painters of the past millennium. They, in turn, enriched Paris with what is referred to as a “Bohemian” atmosphere – captured in a pen. 
Victorian England
England’s longest-reigning queen – Victoria – provided the name for the richest, most-fecund period in man’s history, a time when bold men and women advanced to create the modern technological era. 
China’s Ancient Gods – Lu Fu Shou
Spiritualism moves and guides Chinese culture, its gods influencing behavior on every level. Cosmopolitan honors the Taoist triumvirate “Fu Lu Shou,” representing Good Fortune (Fu), Prosperity (Lu) and Longevity (Shou)

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