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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A pen will never let you down...

Cold. Everywhere. I just returned from a trip to New England, where snow and ice storms stopped traffic, chilled us to the bone, and caused intermittent power outages--which meant no computer. I returned to Houston, where ice storms re-routed traffic, put stress on our overworked heating systems and caused power outages. Again, no computer. Acceptance has become a big part of my personal ethos these days. But acceptance doesn't mean going belly up when things go awry as they invariably sometimes do. It means doing what you can, keeping a sense of humor and making the best of things. So I pulled out a bunch of pens and took the time to reacquaint myself with a few models that I hadn't danced with in a while. The storms stayed outside, I lit a few candles and put on a sweatshirt. I had a blast.

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