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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poll Results

The poll results to my question, "Are you sending handwritten holiday cards this year?" provided some interesting insights. At least to me. Forty-eight percent of the respondents answered, "Yes, as usual." Twenty-eight percent said, "Yes, but fewer than last year." Eight percent said, "No, I've decided not to," and 16% said "No, I never have." The best part? Not one respondent answered positively to, "I'm sending e-cards." In light of time constraints and the economy, I think this bodes well. On another note, I received more business e-cards than ever before, but I also received a ton of handwritten greetings. I must admit that though I appreciate them all, I have a special love for the handwritten greetings, and I save them from year to year. Happy new year, all, and keep writing!

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