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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

'Tis the season to consider the Post

Gate City's New Postal Reservoir Pen pays homage to the Postal Pen Company of yore (1920s). It is made using the original Postal design, and it offers the best of both worlds: the great usability and huge ink capacity of the original Postal along with the durability and practicality of modern acrylic resins. It also features a transparent barrel to give you a view of the ink supply. The pen is available in three color combinations and two sizes: Junior (427/32" capped, 63/8" posted), 2.4 ml ink capacity; and Senior (511/16" capped, 73/8" posted), 3.2 ml ink capacity. Having personally seen and held the pen, I can attest to its flawless finish and quality construction--and it writes well, too. Imagine that. 

The original Postal Pens were sold only through the mail, so this time of year seems especially fitting to commemorate the company. And the New Postal Reservoir Pen would be perfect to write your holiday greetings.

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