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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dado Penworks

I love all the creativity involved in pen making, from the actual production of a writing instrument to the marketing and sale of it. I've been lucky over the years to meet quite a few independent pen makers, and each brings his own signature to his products. In fact, this is my very favorite part of what I do. I like to learn about an individual's motivations, as well as his process and goals, since as far as I'm concerned, a pen is just a pen unless there is something unique breathed into it by a real live person. It then reaches even greater heights in the hand of someone who cherishes it and uses it.

Several weeks ago, I met Dallas pen maker David Stephenson in Houston for a cup of coffee and a look at some of his pens. We met at everyone's favorite office away from home: Starbucks's. So over some icy drinks we talked about his pen company, Dado Penworks, and his plans--and he's got a lot of both. Here's a sampling of his work...a web site is coming soon.

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