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Tuesday, May 25, 2010 New York City?

We Texans (whether by birth or by circumstance) sure love our barbecue. I feel like a traitor as I write this, since I grew up on the East Coast and teethed on all kinds of seafood. What, lobster—AGAIN? But, I’ve been in Houston long enough now to really salivate over a good hunk of meat cooked to perfection on a barbecue grill. It’s an art form unto itself, and it requires rubbing, basting and slow (as in hours) cooking. In fact, now that I think about it, it’s quite a complicated process. Fish doesn’t need rubbing. Anyway, I was delighted when my daughter, Emily, and I were invited by George Kartsotis—president of Retro 51 and also a Texan—to join the gang at Virgil’s in NYC last week. It’s a quintessential barbecue restaurant, and I enjoyed some of the best comfort food—ribs, beef and chicken—I’ve ever had. The talk, of course, turned to pens and the National Stationery Show (the reason we were all in NYC). Nice people. Great time. Watch for some really creative new products coming from Retro 51. It’s sure to be a blockbuster year for the Dallas-based company.

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