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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Many Diamonds on that David Oscarson Seaside?

So he beckoned me to a remote corner of the room, far away from the crowd, and I waited with wild anticipation. Somewhere on his person was a one-of-a-kind David Oscarson Seaside pen embellished with pave-set diamonds, including the fancy yellow kind. My furtive friend and his wife had commissioned it from Oscarson and had indeed helped to design the pen, which as of that moment I had yet to see. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, it appeared from a well-hidden pen pouch tucked somewhere near his chest. The pen gleamed like a grail and twinkled like crazy—even in the low light of the room. I requested permission to hold it and, permission granted, I whisked it nearer to a window where I became heady under its full effect. White and yellow diamonds everywhere on the yellow gold pen combined to create an absolutely breathtaking piece. My friend explained how he and his wife had worked with Oscarson to bring it to fruition, changing details here and there in the process. He credited his wife with the final astonishing assemblage. Then, as quickly as it appeared, it was gone. And the collector, who wishes to remain nameless, disappeared into the crowd.

I am amazed at the power of a pen to inspire. Sometimes men should listen to their wives.

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  1. That peen seems to combine gaudy with 80's excess in a way that is in no way beautiful. It chills me to think how many other ways the money to purchase or produce that pen could have been used.